Utilizing Japanese product technology

Expand technology globally

Challenge new development methods

​ELARABY-Toyoichi Engineering Corporation



Specification decision

We will conduct market research and meetings to determine the optimum specifications required by the customer.

Design, delivery follower

We will design according to the decided specifications according to the required delivery date.

Temporary staffing

We will dispatch a technician to support the project.


Company information

Trade name: ELARABY-Toyoichi Engineering Corporation

Establishment: June 5, 2020

Capital: JPY50,000,000

Motto: Work with Bright, Happy, interest

Company goals:

1.Global company

2.Solid technology company

​3.Customer first company


President and CEO        Masanori Aoki,

Chairman of the Board  Haruhiko Nakamura

Director and COO          Nobuyuki Minamino

Director                          Mohamed Abdelgayed Elaraby

Director                          Ahmed Gad Showman

Director                          Ippei Okura

Director                         Towakazu Hayashi

Auditor                          Yutaka Hayashi


To the people of the world

Bring joy with development technology

Employment information

Engineering is a magical technique that gives people dreams and new lives.

How to use this to bring happiness to people on earth,

Whether the engineer can enjoy and improve the level this skill with fun,

This is an important issue for future engineering.

ELTE (Elarabi-Toyoichi Engineering) will work with you on this issue.

For application, please contact the following inquiries

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​ELARABY-Toyoichi Engineering Corporation


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